Artist Residency, Installation, and Performances

Corner Chicago

Curated by Lynn Basa


During her six-week residency, Dec 1, 2016 – Jan 15, 2017, Dana Major transforms Corner into an environment where one’s mind can transition from the hustle of daily life to a tranquil site of reflection. Through a relentless process of meditation, dreaming, and journaling, Dana has produced her largest light installation to date. Conjuring up an image of crystal palaces and crystal caves, this mystical and meditative space prompts the viewer to seek solutions to their daily troubles within the Self.

Dana’s work engulfs the gallery space in a matrix of lights and crystals. Central to this installation is the Crystal Mass that materializes through a gradual accretion of chandelier crystals. Viewers are invited to experience its evolution over the course of Dana’s residency. The accumulation of crystal pieces will not only contribute to the ever-shifting nature of Crystal Palace, Crystal Caves, but it will also bring about a sense of community by constructing a mystical yet illuminating environment during the dark winter days.

The storefront windows are also be activated with an array of light emitters, projecting points of light onto the pedestrian paths. Positioned at hand level, these illuminated mandalas will offer a playful experience for passersby. The cascading light seeks to invite viewers into the gallery space, and its interactive nature is sure to appeal to both younger audiences and contemporary art aficionados alike.

Throughout the residency, Dana Major will also host a series of free public events. These workshops and Crystal Seeing performances seek to empower and provide insight into the participants’ own inner light. Workshops feature guest artist and guide, Rhonda Wheatley.