Bell Tower


Created on site at 6018North for Its Elemental

remains on site indefinitely by invitation

glass, wire. LED, partially deconstructed building

photography by Ji Yang

Dana Major Its Elemental pic by Ji Yang a

Dana Major Its Elemental pic by Ji Yang b


“This exhibition – throughout 6018North’s house – draws from Rem Koolhaas’s The Elements of Architecture exhibition for the 2014 Venice Architectural Biennale. The architect presented what he considers the fundamentals of buildings: the floor, wall, ceiling, facade, balcony, corridor, door, toilet, stair, et cetera to analyze the components of architecture. However, he claimed to exclude design and art from the analysis. This exhibition looks at the same elements but through artists’ eyes and presents how artists approach the architectural elements of floor, wall, ceiling, door, toilet, et cetera.

Participating artists include Teresa AlborDeborah BoardmanCoppiceFirst OfficeLise Haller Baggersen with Jason PallasJane Georges, Vlatka HorvatJennifer KarminNance KlehmJason LazarusLuftwerkDana MajorSarah MallinKathleen McCarthyAlyssa MoxleyCV PetersonJesus and RuthBryan Saner with Francis GarciaEmilia Vidal-Hallet, Moises Salazar and Devonte WashingtonJessie SchlesingerAmanda WilliamsYann Vanderme, and Rodrigo Lara Zendejas and others.”

6018North curated by Tricia Van Eck